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Meeting Tim Gunn and my extraordinary visioning experience.

February 22, 2012

So, today is the big day, the big Reveal on ABC’s The Revolution at 2:00 pm (EST) .  I wanted to share some details about the meeting I had with Tim Gunn following my make -over and the visioning process I went through before I even met him.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve written to another show (several years ago) that Tim Gunn was in Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style ” and had never heard from them.  Yet I still held hope that some day I would meet Tim Gunn.  I could picture the two of us chatting over fashion, art, people and having a wonderful time together!  I even had a copy of his newest book “Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules; Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work” on  order at the library.

Following the show I was able to meet with Tim Gunn in his office to share a few gifts I had brought.  I brought him a bag of goodies from “The Beekman Boy’s” , who live close to where I live.  And I brought a gift of coffee beans, freshly roasted from my Son who lives in California, a few cards of paintings of my husbands and three just -baked chocolate chip cookies from home. Tim was so gracious, he  smelled the coffee and noticed that my daughter had a bag with “Santa Cruz” on it (where my son lives).  I felt that my gifts were humble and sincere, he seemed to appreciate the gesture.  He was so genuine and such a gentleman.  (So, there I was, chatting with Tim Gunn, talking about fashion, people and art!)

And here is where it all came together; remember that I said I had a book on order from the library?  I had also tried to locate a new copy while on my way to NYC, to no avail — I had hoped (envisioned) to come back with a signed copy.

When I entered his office Tim was seated on a couch and had a copy of his book on his lap, he wanted to make sure he had the correct spelling of my name and then gave me a signed copy of the book!  

Now, that is a powerful visioning process, don’t you think?!

I’ll be sharing later, what Peter Butler (the celebrity hair stylist) had to say to me about my hair.  And let’s just say — his honesty was just what I needed to hear.


Meeting Tim Gunn and finding my way back to my hair.

February 20, 2012

Several years ago, while I was unemployed, feeling desperate and depressed I wrote a letter to a TV show “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style”. I’ve always admired Tim Gunn, the way he handles himself on Project Runway and his impeccable style. I remember watching a show where he transformed a woman who was stuck in a rut of style. She emerged looking even more beautiful and very confident. I wanted that, I felt I needed it, being unemployed had taken its toll on my self-esteem. So, I wrote a letter to the show and never heard anything back.

Flash forward to where I am now. Managing a full-time role in a non-for-profit, working with authors and artists and bringing a new women focused program to life in the region I’ve spent my whole career in. Definitely not unemployed and certainly not lacking in the esteem department. Yet, there I am looking at an e-mail that asks, “is your hair flat, need volume or are you in a rut?” And I surprised myself by replying. “Yes, my hair is in a rut” — (maybe I’m in a rut?)  Either way — I replied, and within the hour I received a phone call from an assistant. Would I be interested in coming into the studio and having a “celebrity stylist” work on my hair? Oh, and by the way — this is Tim Gunn’s segment on “The Revolution”.

Tim Gunn. Did she say Tim Gunn? Just a week ago I ordered his book from the library “Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules”. And here, I’m going to meet Tim Gunn?

I have always had a knack for things like this, I think of someone or something and shortly it shows up. This, though. This was different. So specific. Delayed, sure — but now I felt ready. Not desperate, not “needing” this. Just happy to be a part of something new, and getting to meet Tim Gunn, was the jackpot for me. Or so I thought. That is before the hair makeover and the rest of the experience.

I’ll be sharing more about this amazing, amazing experience I had. In the meantime — why don’t you watch what happens on the show!

"Behind the scenes"

Join me in my hair-transformation — my “Tim-Tervention” this week on:

February 22, 2012 at 2:00pm, on The Revolution, ABC.

It’s not just the connection. It’s what you do with it.

November 12, 2011

Whew! Faithful followers, I am so sorry to have been gone this long from Facing Fifty!  I was on such a good roll posting every week and then something happened that truly demanded my full attention. And this is where today’s post comes from. A spark that turned into a bright shiny light. Some of you may have read my post that involved the:  internet,  a women from Sweden and a giant snow globe. (Now that’s a crazy combination, huh?!) A series of things happened where I ended up learning about something that I then shared with my daughter and then with my friends. Just as I ended up making a snow globe with instructions from a women from Sweden whom I never met I realized that its really just a few steps to make connections work.  Here’s how a recent creative connection ended up changing my life:

In April I spotted a message from a group I was in on LinkedIN – it was a call to action from women. The founder of an organization wanted to hear words of encouragement and advice from women where she would post at an event she was hosting for young girls. I immediately went to my post “My 13 year-old Self”  and grabbed a line from it and sent it off. Then I started poking around on the website for the event.  I quickly became intrigued. I e-mailed the founder of the organization (Step 1: Make a move)  (Moxie Exchange Movement) and asked her about the organization, were they doing anything like that in other parts of the country? (Step 2: Be inquisitive) (they are located in Colorado). Sure enough they were. To make a long story short (as a very quiet blogging summer is evidenced) I traveled to Colorado, met the founder and became the area Executive to run the program in my region.

This is an example of what I call creative connecting. Connecting with your feelings, following the signs (there were so many positive signs that occurred every step of the way, including the name of the organization, Moxie ~ the name of a beagle we had while living on the farm.)(Step 3: Follow your intuition) that all else had to stop, so I could embrace and fully focus on this endeavor. (Step 4: Focus and Follow-through)

This connection could have been as simple as sending over a quote to help out at the event. Creative connections happen  when you open yourself up to the possibilities, become inquisitive,daring and follow-your gut.

I would love to hear what you do with those connections that cross your path or even if you had one that you “wish you had done…”. I’ve got some of those too!

My Mother’s Day Trek

May 17, 2011

On Mother”s Day this year, when asked “What would you like to do on Mother’s Day?” I told the kids, I want to go to Vroman’s Nose, hike and picnic at the top.  Here’s a look at the trail.

I’ve written about this place before, you’ll find an earlier post here:

I actually get really nervous when the kids walk near the edge (no rails!) but I hope that each time we go, I’ll get over my nervousness.  It’s a trip we love taking and a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day!

My Top Three Favorite Posts

May 9, 2011

This was a question posted on a blog service the other day, and it got me thinking about my top three favorite posts. And here they are: (drum roll please)……

  1. Where There is Hope…..
  2. Climb a Mountain..See a Giraffe….
  3. Eighty Meets Ninety…..

That wasn’t easy, it was good for me to look back at how far I’ve come, how my writing has improved and how I continue to dig a little deeper, though!

Do you have a favorite?

Reading Beekman

April 24, 2011

     My family and I went for a mini-vacation this week. A little cabin in the woods, near the lake. It was cold, it rained, we didn’t have running water, and the day before we left, our neighbor called to tell us that we might have been exposed to a stomach virus that their daughter had. Whee! Now that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Risk takers that we are, we went anyways. I really needed to get away from computers and work and the house. I traded it all so I could lug wood and carry water from the lake, wash dishes with boiled water and basically lay low with the family, and 2 dogs.

I love to read and made sure I had a stack of reading material with me. I’ve been reading a book by a local author; Josh Kilmer-Purcell

The Bucolic Plague.

The book is a memoir about two guys who worked in Manhattan, found a 50+ acre mansion and farm in rural New York, and began a journey that neither one could have prepared themselves for.

I expected to read about the chores, and the work that is needed to keep a farm going, I lived on a 300+ acre farm as a young child, many of my friends came from farming background. It is not a glamorous life. It is a lot of work, huge commitment and good luck even thinking you can have a mini-vacation much less a day off. The animals must be taken care of and the land, barns, gardens need constant attention.

So, I was dubious about their ability to maintain the steady stream of work that is needed to keep a farm going. But they did. And not only do they keep the farm going, they’ve found their way onto a reality tv show, they’ve contributed to the economy of a small town (Sharon Springs) and I expect will continue to bring in all sorts of prosperity to the area.

I was proud of their accomplishments and brought right along with the author (Josh Kilmer-Purcell) through the struggles of their relationship, as this commitment they bought, this desire for everything to be picture perfect nearly destroys them as a couple.

Ever since we moved into our home, a beautiful 1885 Victorian, a quick 10 minutes from the Beekman Mansion, my husband and I would travel in each direction (N,S,E,W) to discover the neighbors around us. As we traveled to Sharon Springs, we would drive by the Beekman Mansion.   For years, I drooled and yearned and dreamed about owning it. The “For Sale” sign taunted me. I lurked on the realtors site, viewing the interior of the house over and and over again. I dreamed of holding parties with my family and friends there. Inviting people to tour the beautiful gardens and land. My husband’s artist loft would be in a building on the grounds with sweeping views of nature inspiring him. I would sit on that porch in the morning, watch the sun come up, listen to the songbirds, watch a deer wander out and write to my hearts content. The children would have hay bales to play in and animals to take care of. It was and still is a beautiful dream.

I was sad when I heard someone had bought the Beekman Mansion a few years ago. My dream, dashed. And when I heard it was a couple from NYC who had never owned a farm. I thought, well, that place is going to languish yet again.

And now, after watching both of them, Brent & Josh work harder than most people I know. Not only, do they commute from the city, they work on the farm the entire weekend.  They’ve supported other farmers (Farmer John), developed relationships with nearly every business owner in Sharon Springs, created a line of goat milk soaps, their Blaak Goat Cheese is already famous, (Martha and Rosie approved) and turned a quiet little town alive with their persistence, their creativity and their delightful personalities.  They’ve given home to goats, chickens, roosters, pigs, a cow, barn cats and now a very famous Llama (Polka Spot).  Yes, they might have fabulous parties, but they’ve garnered respect from a lot of hard working people in this sleepy rural community.

The memoir reminded me about my own dream, that perhaps my place won’t be the Beekman Mansion (oh, how could I ever top that?), but, they’ve shown, with a lot of hard work, determination and sadness, nearly losing everything that really mattered to them, if you keep your sights and wits about you, you might find exactly what you were looking for all along.

Like Dorothy Gale, from Kansas, searching for something over the rainbow, what she didn’t know and had to find out for herself, was that it was with her all along.

My Dubious Moment

April 18, 2011

Okay, this might not be SO dubious at the time, however, it turned out to be a defining moment for me.
Several years ago, at a board meeting filled with mostly men and a few  women. I was asked to fill in for someone who was under the weather. I was excited, and nervous all at the same time.

After talking about a few items on the agenda I was instructed to introduce the next speaker, a board member who I thought was one of the most thoughtful and engaging members of the organization.

As I introduced him,  I said (and here I choke — I mean quote) “It is my dubious honor to introduce you to …….”

The man in question straightened his tie and said..”Ah, dubious…” and I, feeling pleased with my introduction, moved myself to the back of the room to relish the moment of my mini-stardom.

Later, a co-worker mentioned to me that the word dubious, might not have been much of a compliment.

Hmmm. I could have sworn I’ve heard that word used in complimentary ways…  I immediately found a dictionary and to my utter horror found the following description of the word dubious:

: giving rise to uncertainty: asa : of doubtful promise or outcome <a dubious plan>b : questionable or suspect as to true nature or quality <the practice is of dubious legality>
: unsettled in opinion :doubtful <I was dubious about the plan>

Ack!  This painful memory still haunts me!  I cannot even explain myself, except to say that I thought at the time what I was saying was “it is my distinct honor to introduce……” .

I don’t know if I’ve completely recovered from this bomb of mine.  I do know that I have learned some good lessons from it.

  • I’ve learned to pause before speaking
  • to write my words out before speaking
  • and to read the dictionary every day.

Today’s word:  Humility

: the quality or state of being humble
  1. Examples of Humility:
  1. He accepted the honor with humility.
  1. The ordeal taught her humility.