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What a grand 2012 it was; some of my favorite things….

January 17, 2013

It’s been four years since I began Facing Fifty. I’ve learned new things, met new people and honed my writing skills as well.  Thank you to those who have kept with me through these VERY interesting 50’s!IMG_1376

There were several events this past year that were “big’ in my world that I’m going to share  (faithful readers, you already know about them). Posted in order of my excitement.

  1. Meeting Tim Gunn.  What a gift that day was to me.  Mr. Gunn was an extraordinary person with a very generous heart.  He has been on my wish-list of people to meet, not only did I meet him, he choose my outfit to wear on camera and signed his book “Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules“. I had the double pleasure of spending the day with my daughter Emily who got on a train early in the morning to meet me at the show. She was fabulous!

    "Make it Work!"

    “Make it Work!”

  2. Having my hair “lengthened” by Peter Butler on The Revolution (now cancelled – though I do believe the make-over resides on YouTube).  Peter taught me something about myself that I never expected – to love my hair again.  I have paid far too much attention to my hair over the years, cutting it, coloring it, perming and cutting (lots of cutting).  After Peter showed me how I could look with longer hair — once I saw that, I knew I had to grow it out.  Not since my teens has my hair been longer than my collarbone.  I’m almost there and just love it.
  3. Donning ’60’s attire and being an extra in the HBO series on Muhommad Ali (has not been released yet) this too, was another return to my roots (uh-hem) as I had stopped my theatrical work since 2000 while focusing on working full time and two young children.  It was everything I remembered and loved about being on a set, the wardrobe fittings, the people you meet, the excitement of being part of a unit.  I was asked to be a stand-in and had a special moment sitting on a bench with the Academy Award winning director Stephen Frears looking at ME through the camera.  I was also invited to step BEHIND the camera with Mr. Frears and see the process from their eyes.  Bliss.
  4. Heading FULL-ON towards our dream of going on the road in an RV with the kids, traveling across the country to find a new home.  Year 2012 was our year of moving towards this goal.  Our house is nearly empty, the party’s have been had and the showings have begun.
  5. Falling off the Ladder”  in quotes is exactly how I see this event.  When I fell off the ladder in July a whole series of events occurred afterwards. Including my decision to resign from my job.  The fall off the ladder was symbolic to me, it was me pushing too much, too hard, trying to MAKE IT HAPPEN so hard that when I fell and subsequently was on bed rest and then rehabilitation that I new I had to get IN THE FLOW and know that these things will occur, I cannot force it anymore.

There were so many great moments in 2012 by far the best are always with my family, my dear children and husband.  I’m beyond excited about this new year.  I’ve expressed a lot of wishes including traveling across country in an RV, acting roles, and a book.  I can’t wait to see what the new year brings ~ how about you?!

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