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Falling Down.

July 12, 2012

This Sunday I was  standing on the top of a ladder, listening to a comedy station on Pandora. I turned around to prepare to get down, heard a crack and found myself falling, crashing to the ground. Upon impact I heard another crack, and that is when the pain set in, I thought I broke my back. My husband saw the whole thing and rushed to me, I was crying, grabbing fistfuls of newly laid mulch and telling him it was bad, to call and get help. In a very short period of time a Police Officer was there, I remember all the conversations, my husbands call to 911, the police officer, and the the ambulance came, my neck was put in a brace, I was put on a bed and then into the ambulance.

I remember feeling drowsy, limp and scared. I saw my Nikki sitting on the ground, cross legged, pulling grass. I know he was worried. my neighbors were out, offering to help, watch the kids, put away ladders, anything. It was quite a scene.

I’m very lucky,  nothing was broken,  lots of sprained, strained and wrenched muscles. Every day I feeel better, I’m more grateful and aware of the close call I had with something  truly serious.  I’m grateful to my husband for taking care of me, my kids for being so great, my family and neighbors, an understanding employer. I’m thankful for the calcium I’ve been taking faithfully for years now. And I am more than sure that there is no coincidence in the fact that I landed on a nice soft mound of mulch recently placed there by my son, which certainly softened the blow.

One day last week when one thing after another was testing my patience and my daughters patience, I said that it was our day to learn patience.  This week, I am now learning how to accept help, learn that my body has limitations and learn to slow down. Okay, universe, I get the hint.

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  1. Danielle permalink
    July 12, 2012 5:13 pm

    Beautiful. thank you for sharing your experience and what you are learning from it. Just being in a terrible hit and run the other day and suffering from my own injuries, I can relate. I have been really focused on keeping a positive healing attitude and trying to find the lesson I am supposed to learn. For one I believe someone was telling me to SLOW DOWN. Now I have no choice.
    Feel good Lori! You are an inspiration!!

    • Lori permalink
      July 12, 2012 7:34 pm

      thanks Danielle, I hope you are okay too! I do believe it was a message for me to rest. and that is exactly what I must do! Take care of yourself! Lori

  2. Kate Bensen permalink
    July 16, 2012 5:34 pm

    I obviously didn’t read your post about this accident. I am so sorry to hear but happy to know nothing was broken! I have to say I literally feel your pain, I luckily have never fallen from a ladder. However, six weeks ago I fell through a hole in the floor that Chad had cut for fixing plumbing in one of our rentals. It was dumb or rather I was…I knew it was there, it was dark in the hallway and I was done for the day, shutting off lights, etc. In a hurry as usual, I landed with my right foot down all the way to the ground. I came out bruised and bleeding. Mad at myself and Chad. I broke a large blood vessel in my calf and had some pretty other large cuts and huge bruises! I think your lesson of SLOW DOWN is the one for me too! I hope you recover very soon friend!

    • Lori permalink
      July 18, 2012 2:37 am

      Kate I’m so sorry to hear of your accident. I was distracted when I fell, I need to focus and slow down! That must have been a scary one. FUnny moment for me was my awareness that my glasses were missing,mI love my glasses, and cannot see a thing without them. luckily, Paul found them before the emergancy crew arrived.MY lower back is sooo sore , at the end of the day I’m not a happy camper.Feel better my friend. Xox Lori

  3. Kate Bensen permalink
    July 19, 2012 1:17 am

    Lower back pain has no mercy. That area moves every time you do, and it constantly reminds you of what you did to yourself!!! My lower back hurts every day with activity or not. Result of carrying to many heavy loads up and down hiking trails and probably lifting to many heavy (hay, milk cans, etc) things. Who could have guessed? I still would not trade those experiences for anything. In my minds eye I can see myself hiking those trails and gazing out at beauty that few get to see. I hope for your full recovery so you may pursue the things you have always loved best! But rest for now and let your body work its magic with its crazy amazing healing powers!

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