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All in due time.

June 11, 2012

I wrote this a year ago and hadn’t published it, just found it and see that it is really quite perfect for where I am now ~ 3 years from the time I was without a job, facing the loss of my house and feeling quite alone in the process.  I’m releasing this now because I am soon to cross another bridge. A REALLY BIG ONE – that almost scares me more than the current bridge.  The difference, is that now, instead of life “happening to me” and me reacting to it; I am preparing for the trip, I am taking the leap — it’s a scary one — I really don’t know where I will end up but seeing this reminds me that it will only, only get better!!!

This week I’ve been reflecting on what a difference a few years can do to your life.  Two years ago, this month, I was in a very shaky place.  Unsure about where my next step was going to take me, and how much of my self was going to be lost in the process. I received some advice from a mentor.  They said, sometimes you just need a bridge to get you to the next step.  When I first heard this, I rebelled. What?  Why would I take something that was second best? Why would I not go full in?  And then I remember reflecting and realizing that a bridge was just what I needed.  I need something to help me get to the “what” I felt was over there.

And here’s the brilliance in that suggestion; you take the “bridge” and you become involved, all of the best that you do is in it, (why wouldn’t it be?) and you survive, you realize that you’ve got it and more, and you thrive.

So, I found my bridge, I showed up, swallowed some things, and I did what I do.  And here I am. Two years later, feeling more alive, positive, hopeful and vibrant.  Knowing, really knowing that the bridge was just an anchor to the true “ness” that I am.

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