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Behind the scenes on The Revolution!

May 30, 2012

The hair magician; Peter Butler!

Peter Butler was the real surprise for me. He came across quite subdued at first.  Compared to Ty Pennington, just about anyone is subdued. Funny moment in the hair and makeup room, Ty Pennington came rushing into the room, needing access to an available restroom. My daughter, Emily, stopped by and I pointed to the closed bathroom door and gave a stage whisper “Em — Ty Pennington is right there, in the bathroom!”. It was a giggle moment. (Sorry Ty — it was a girl moment too).

Back to Peter Butler. I was bound and determined to learn everything I possibly could from this man. I wanted information! How should I be coloring my hair? What about a cut? What else should I be doing with my hair? The first dramatic moment for me was when Peter put the first layer of hair extensions in. I looked at myself in the mirror and was shocked. I actually looked like I could wear my hair long! I’ve tried for years to grow my hair past my shoulder. It seems that as soon as it hit my shoulder I got tired of the way it looked and would end up cutting it. But this was different! This was the way I always dreamed my hair would look, the right color, the right cut and the right length! And I really felt as though I could pull it off!

I loved my new long hair so much that I slept in the extensions that night.  Yes, they gave me the extensions (pretty pricey things now that I’m “in the know”).  Four of them.  I had a hair appointment the following day with my stylist and showed her how it looked and said, I want my hair this long, help me get there.  So we started a plan to do just that.  I’ll post the longer look when it arrives.

Behind the scenes trivia; as soon as I finished with the “make-over” in front of the audience. I was escorted by several staff to the dressing room to remove everything I had worn.  It was a little unnerving.  One minute I’m all glammed up and them – “back to life — back to reality”!  I don’t know how I would have felt if they took the extensions off.

The hair product that Peter mentioned; the dry shampoo.  I found a can of it made by Suave that works really well.  And on those days when your hair really needs a lift — it works like a charm. That was a great tip.

One of the best tips I got from Peter was how to blow-dry my hair.   In the past I would blow dry my hair with a rounded brush.  Then I would get that helmut head thing — and no wonder I kept chopping it off!  With his tip (Insider Alert) to use a wide paddle brush, aim the hair dryer heat at the roots (with some foam massaged in) and pull away from the hair.  Amazing difference.  No more helmut head.

Peter said something to me that really helped me in my decision to grow my hair back — he said that it might take a little more time to grow and take care of but I can do it and create a look that makes me feel good.  His exact words?  “Don’t be lazy when it comes to taking care of yourself!” — Okay — I get it.


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