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Meeting Tim Gunn and my extraordinary visioning experience.

February 22, 2012

So, today is the big day, the big Reveal on ABC’s The Revolution at 2:00 pm (EST) .  I wanted to share some details about the meeting I had with Tim Gunn following my make -over and the visioning process I went through before I even met him.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve written to another show (several years ago) that Tim Gunn was in Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style ” and had never heard from them.  Yet I still held hope that some day I would meet Tim Gunn.  I could picture the two of us chatting over fashion, art, people and having a wonderful time together!  I even had a copy of his newest book “Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules; Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work” on  order at the library.

Following the show I was able to meet with Tim Gunn in his office to share a few gifts I had brought.  I brought him a bag of goodies from “The Beekman Boy’s” , who live close to where I live.  And I brought a gift of coffee beans, freshly roasted from my Son who lives in California, a few cards of paintings of my husbands and three just -baked chocolate chip cookies from home. Tim was so gracious, he  smelled the coffee and noticed that my daughter had a bag with “Santa Cruz” on it (where my son lives).  I felt that my gifts were humble and sincere, he seemed to appreciate the gesture.  He was so genuine and such a gentleman.  (So, there I was, chatting with Tim Gunn, talking about fashion, people and art!)

And here is where it all came together; remember that I said I had a book on order from the library?  I had also tried to locate a new copy while on my way to NYC, to no avail — I had hoped (envisioned) to come back with a signed copy.

When I entered his office Tim was seated on a couch and had a copy of his book on his lap, he wanted to make sure he had the correct spelling of my name and then gave me a signed copy of the book!  

Now, that is a powerful visioning process, don’t you think?!

I’ll be sharing later, what Peter Butler (the celebrity hair stylist) had to say to me about my hair.  And let’s just say — his honesty was just what I needed to hear.

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  1. shepherdess5 permalink
    February 22, 2012 7:18 pm

    Watching your appearance on The Revolution with Tim Gunn. I can’t wait to hear more.

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