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It’s not just the connection. It’s what you do with it.

November 12, 2011

Whew! Faithful followers, I am so sorry to have been gone this long from Facing Fifty!  I was on such a good roll posting every week and then something happened that truly demanded my full attention. And this is where today’s post comes from. A spark that turned into a bright shiny light. Some of you may have read my post that involved the:  internet,  a women from Sweden and a giant snow globe. (Now that’s a crazy combination, huh?!) A series of things happened where I ended up learning about something that I then shared with my daughter and then with my friends. Just as I ended up making a snow globe with instructions from a women from Sweden whom I never met I realized that its really just a few steps to make connections work.  Here’s how a recent creative connection ended up changing my life:

In April I spotted a message from a group I was in on LinkedIN – it was a call to action from women. The founder of an organization wanted to hear words of encouragement and advice from women where she would post at an event she was hosting for young girls. I immediately went to my post “My 13 year-old Self”  and grabbed a line from it and sent it off. Then I started poking around on the website for the event.  I quickly became intrigued. I e-mailed the founder of the organization (Step 1: Make a move)  (Moxie Exchange Movement) and asked her about the organization, were they doing anything like that in other parts of the country? (Step 2: Be inquisitive) (they are located in Colorado). Sure enough they were. To make a long story short (as a very quiet blogging summer is evidenced) I traveled to Colorado, met the founder and became the area Executive to run the program in my region.

This is an example of what I call creative connecting. Connecting with your feelings, following the signs (there were so many positive signs that occurred every step of the way, including the name of the organization, Moxie ~ the name of a beagle we had while living on the farm.)(Step 3: Follow your intuition) that all else had to stop, so I could embrace and fully focus on this endeavor. (Step 4: Focus and Follow-through)

This connection could have been as simple as sending over a quote to help out at the event. Creative connections happen  when you open yourself up to the possibilities, become inquisitive,daring and follow-your gut.

I would love to hear what you do with those connections that cross your path or even if you had one that you “wish you had done…”. I’ve got some of those too!

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