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Letting Go

January 14, 2011

Not too long ago I was fighting with myself. I fought the notion that I had to do something a certain way. I railed against the fact that I needed to do something. I accepted a job. I know, how ungrateful is that? I thought, if I take this job I will lose my dreams of owning my own business, of being the captain of my ship. I thought, if I take this job I will be giving up a piece of myself. So I railed. And I complained and made myself and probably a few important people around me, miserable. And then I had a very brief encounter with someone who said something so simple to me that in reflection, I wonder why I took so long to see it? She said to me — why are you upset about having a job? Its a source of income, right? And you can have as many sources as you want, right?” And my lightbulb went off. Of course I can have as many as I want. And with that simple thought I let go of my angst about taking a job. And when I let go, I opened up. Really, it was that simple. I let go of the anger I was having, the “lost dream” feelings I was having and I opened up to the idea that the job was just ONE income source. Amazing. I embraced the work I was doing, the people I was working with and sure enough, everything began to work, the job became easier and less stressful, the people less dominating (to me) and my blood pressure went down.

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  1. Jack permalink
    January 14, 2011 2:42 pm

    Great point Lori, and having a job opens up a world of networking opportunties, that are essentital in starting a business.

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