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Lori Re-Enters the world of Eyewear…(part I)

November 8, 2010

When I was in 4th Grade I received the news that I needed glasses.  I knew something was up when the nurses office kept calling me back and making me read the eye charts.  At first I was very excited.  Then I got the glasses and found out that they were pretty ugly.  I also found out that glasses combined with braces made for a very “unique” look.  I also blamed my love of reading (Laura Ingalls Wilder, to be exact) on my loss of eyesight and subsequent ugly glasses that I had to wear.  You see, growing up in a large family (6 — 4 girls, 2 boys) there were a limited amount of bedrooms. My siblings and I  shared bedrooms.  The boys, always had the same room.  The girls switched as the mood hit us.  I was a night owl — and a book reader.  My sisters were not always in the mood to have the light on in the bedroom, so I would retreat to the hall closet where I would find a nice bed in the laundry basket and bask in the stories.  I blamed all of that on my worsening eyesight.  Damn you Half-Pint!!

I have always had a very personal issue with my eye-sight.  I relate it to the stories I’ve read, the kisses I didn’t get, the election I lost and all those odd photos of me in my youth.  My eyewear of choice (and I’m sure it was due to the limited selection, and finances) was always a tortoise frame.  The size changed with the years, but always tortoise. I even recall trying to devise a way to “lose” or “break” my glasses, without my parents finding out I did it on purpose, I never had the guts to do it.  Finally,  I was able to get “wire-frame” glasses!  I had a pair in my senior year that were tinted a rose color (ahh, look at that — I still look through those rose-colored glasses now and again).

I thought they were pretty cool.  My braces finally came off sometime in my sophomore year I think and then I got those cool glasses.  I was finally feeling a little better about my appearance.

Then contacts came out and were more readily available, as soon as I could I made an appointment to be fitted for them.   I have astigmatism so the Dr. was not confident that I would be able to wear them.  After my return visit he said it was pure determination that I was able to wear them.  And my glasses were abandoned to the bedside table.  Brought out in the morning and then again at the end of the day.  Sometimes I would wear them on weekends, or if something happened to my eyes, but I was so relieved not to have those glasses on my face. It was freedom!

As I got older I found I couldn’t read things up close anymore.  Still keeping those contacts I began to wear reading glasses.  Now, this was kind of fun, the readers come in all sorts of shades and styles and are pretty inexpensive.  I found myself buying them in pairs or three at a time because I also began losing them.  Everywhere.  I couldn’t see what I was cooking, so a pair of glasses would be on my head.

…….to be continued

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