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Dinner with Ina

October 25, 2010

Last week my good friend Ina Jones celebrated her 90th birthday.  There was a large celebration at the church she attends, over 100 people were there to show how much they appreciate and love Ina.

Earlier in the week I had the honor of spending the evening with Ina and her daughter Debbie at their home.  I brought a bottle of Moet’ and a 2000 Bordeaux from France.  We popped the champagne outside (Ina said she would search for it in the morning) and made a toast.  After going over some of the birthday party details (and finishing our flutes of champagne) we sat down for dinner, sipped our delicious wine and talked.

I love spending time with Ina and I had even more fun spending that time with Ina and her daughter.  The two of them have an identical laugh (though Ina has more of a giggle), they josh and poke at each other like Mother and Daughter’s can do.  I loved watching them.  This 90 year old and her 60 year old daughter, their love for each other evident and in full glory.

I can’t think of a better wine than that to drink in.  Ageless. Timeless. Mother and Daughter. Love and laughter.

The evening, and Ina, brought me to pull out this poem (and title of her book) by Ina Jones, Poet Laureate~

A Final Wine ~ by Ina Jones

“…Every man serves the good wine first; and then when men have drunk freely, then the poor wine; but you have kept the good wine until now.”   John 2:10

What is this new thing

that keeps insisting I could be,

for someone, a last good wine


I could be the best

drawn from the first

which has worked in a private chemistry

of the hard-learned, the acerbic fact,

and wistfulness.

I could be after everything

the essential least,

the companionable rapt listener

to the fragrant evening’s thrush;

For I am of my vintner

a modest final wine

that now, just before its turning,

I could offer you


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