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My Quirky Airplane Thing

April 22, 2010

Another trip to D.C. Another plane, train and automobile event. I am beginning to think that this is something I need to get better at. SO, with that in mind, I’ve been packing lighter, smarter and talking less. Yes! Well, a little less. I hopped on the SouthWest plane out of Albany (love SW — and the fact that it’s a direct flight) and immediately began scouting out someone who looked like a talker (and maybe a listener). There, by the window she sat, book in hand, but still had that look that she might like to talk with someone. I leapt into the seat and gave my usual warning — “I’m a little nervous flying, but talking helps, would you mind talking to me a bit?” And we’re off. And how happy I am to meet people and found out about their interesting lives. This woman was on her way to St. Augustine, FL. She’s lived in many places, including Hawii and Alaska. (Hawaii, the clear winner — with Alaska a good thumbs up). She told me about a near Moose mishap, where she had her own baby in a front carrier going for a walk and came across a baby Moose. Knowing that where there is a baby, a Mother will be nearby, she took a trail that she thought would bring her out of Moose way — but put her right in front of the Mother Moose. Arms reach. Then the family dogs had to get in the act and begin barking at the Mama Moose, to which she charged them. The Human Mother then backpedaled home out of harms way. Wow. A Moose story about Mom’s keeping their babies safe.
And that was just the beginning of my trip. There is one thing i noticed about my plane partner. And I feel bad saying this, because I’m second guessing myself on how I handled it. You see, I noticed that her shirt was inside out. Tag, seams everything on the outside. Normally, I would tell someone if something was amiss (tooth stuff, lipstick on the teeth) if they can fix it pretty quick. But this was a big one. And I wasn’t sure she could fix it right away — or what if she didn’t want to fix it? So, I didn’t say anything. I wonder if I should have? What do you think?

More of my trip and the people I’ve met to come.

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