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Climb a Mountain, see a Giraffe.

July 8, 2009

In the last month I’ve hiked up a mountain with my family, twice. This mountain was given the name of Vroman’s Nose.

At 1200 FT elevation, the mountain certainly isn’t one of the biggest ones around, but its not about size, or height. It’s about climbing it. Reaching the top and pausing to review what you’ve done. It’s about the journey along the way. Listening to your children talk about the mud, the mushrooms, the Peregrine Falcon that screeched at us as we quickly backed away from a possible nest. The climb is about doing something that will last in your mind. In the minds of your children. Its about doing it. Just doing it.

And when you reach the “tippy-tippy top” (as Nikki calls it), you gaze out across the beautiful land. You know that you stand where thousands have stood before you. You think about the passage of time. You think about the Indians who most surely had gazed upon the land, with its flat grounds for planting, and a river surrounding it, knowing they will have water to feed their village. You know that the very mountain you are standing on is filled with the hard black rock they used to chisel out arrow heads and other tools. You know that the mountain gave them a great advantage in viewing possible raiders, enemies. You know that once upon a time Mastodons walked in that beautiful Valley. You notice on the rock, chiseled names and dates some as long ago as 1868 and then find out that the stone was cleared and used as a place that square dances were held. Square Dancing? Twelve hundred feet in the air? On a precipitous rock ledge? What were they thinking?

You feel as though you are standing in clouds. And to break you out of your reverie, your eight year old daughter says; “Look! There’s a Giraffe!!!” And so, we look, almost expecting to see a real one so magical is this moment. And yes, there it was far away, a tree or a few of them had formed what looked exactly like a Giraffe.

This is why we climb mountains.

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  1. felicepd permalink
    July 8, 2009 11:55 pm

    Great post! Things always look different after you’ve climbed.

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