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50 Things

May 22, 2009

Seems the rage lately to post “25 things” about yourself, since I’m 50 and this blog is about 50. I’m going to post 50 things about myself, things I’ve done and other random thoughts. Not all in one blog — but over a course of a few weeks. Join me and post yours — I would love to hear them!

1. My first memory is a crib and me, standing in it looking across the room.
2. My second memory is me with a pile of books in my crib.
3. My third memory is me getting in trouble for some awful word I said and spitting soap into a Mickey Mouse toy.
4. My fourth memory is me creeping out into the living room looking for the Easter Bunny, then squishing jelly beans into my knee as I kneeled onto a stool.
5. I have 5 siblings. Two brothers and 3 sisters.
6. My early years prior to turning 5 are all sort of glowy.
7. When I was 5 my family moved from a small very 50ish sort of house to a huge farmhouse on 300 acres.
8. My first news headline was me, with a rabbit and raccoon, I think they were bigger than me. I was definitely cuter.
9. My first TV spot wasn’t supposed to happen. The boys who were supposed to do the shoot (maple syrup demonstration) didn’t show, my sister and I ended up plowing through the snow and putting a bucket on the maple tree. We were WAY cuter than the boys.
10. My kindergarten teacher wrote a message about me in my report card. She said “Lori is like a little butterfly jumping from one to another, talking away”. I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad. I know I continue to do it. She also called me a “pill” because I wouldn’t take my nap.

Random thought: I love the smell of the woods, the sugar house when its ‘sugaring time” and freshly mown hay.

I never really thought about the kind of memories you can have before you are 5 years old. Its interesting actually to see ten memories in five years. I had many more but these were the strongest. That and an over all memory of my Mother and Father that I think is enhanced by many photographs but one of security and love and some discipline (like the the soap thing).

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  1. June 23, 2009 2:11 am

    Lori — This is cool. You did a good job of recalling memories. You had some really cool ones

    Somehow, I thought I couldn’t remember way back, but when I relaxed, I came up with these from my earliest days:

    1. I was lying in the back yard and looking up at the sky, which I pictured as being something like a big inverted bowl up there.

    2. When I was a kid, there were a lot of blimps — and I pictured them being full of people. Bazillions of people.

    3. I remember when my youngest brother was born. My mom was at the hospital when my other brother and I woke up and our neighbor came over to take care of us. That week was very hot in Washington DC — as I found out later it was 105 degrees on August 27.

    4. I remember many hot summer nights in DC. We had no air conditioning when I was a kid and sleeping was a challenge.

    5. I remember my neighbors — the kids were kids and the adults were all old — at least 100 years, or so I thought.

    6. I remember watching the electric utility linemen installing a new street light in front of our house — not knowing that some day I’d be working for the “light company”.

    7. I remember early TV — Howdy Doody, cowboy movies, and multi-repeated cartoons.

    8. I remember seeing my first professional baseball game at the ball park — and realizing, for the first time that the grass was actually green at Griffith Stadium in DC. I naturally assumed it gray, because b&w TV didn’t have green in it.

    9. I remember my mom mistaking 4:30am for 7:30am on Christmas morning. We all got up and opened our presents three hours earlier than she had planned. I’m not going to repeat the one word she yelled when she realized her mistake, but I will say we were all very happy with Santa’s visit.

    10. and, on the tougher side, I remember having my tonsils removed at four years old. It wasn’t very pleasant — and apparently caused me to be a bad singer in later life. 🙂

    • lorikk11 permalink
      June 23, 2009 12:49 pm

      Hi Art! Thank you for sharing. I don’t remember Howdy Doody much but I do remember Freddy Freihofer (it was a local thing) and I remember standing in front of the black & white tv watching a woman look through a magic mirror (?) and call out childrens names..”I see Charlie, I see Wendy, I see Bill” and once she said “I see Lori” I thought that was so cool! I also remember doing exercises with her, “Bend and Stretch, Reach for the Stars, There goes Jupiter, Here comes Mars”!
      I LOVE the Christmas morning mix-up! 4:30 A.M. You know she must have been exhausted, had probably just got to bed a few hours earlier (after putting toys together –oops — I mean, um, never mind 🙂 ).
      I’m sure it was the tonsillectomy that has caused your bad singing. Absolutely.

      • June 25, 2009 3:49 am

        Lori — many years later, as I helped Santa, I thought of the short nights sleep Mom must have gotten back then. Putting together toys was an adult-hood memory that I’ll never forget. It took me awhile to realize that the directions weren’t really meant to help the parent, and that toy construction was infinitely harder after a couple drinks. Funny how the weels fell off those things prematurely (before New Years Day)

        btw — what was the rabbit & raccoon news headline?

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